Etai Even-Zahav

Name: Etai Even-Zahav

University: Stellenbosch University, South Africa,

City/Country: Stellenbosch/South Africa

Programme: Research Fellow, Sustainability Institute

Project title: Exploring the role of the informal economy in food security

Research Description: What is the role of the informal economy in food (in) security, particularly with regard to food access and utilisation? How do informal food economy actors (particularly youths) along the food chain navigate the food system, particularly in an era of rapid Big Food consolidation? What, if at all, is the scope for the informal food economy to promote broad human development and wellbeing outcomes – not only food security, but also more broadly as protectors of cultural heritage, maintainers of social cohesion, and generators of improved livelihoods? These questions are tackled using ethnographic methods, through immersion (in the form of ‘job shadowing’ and ‘apprenticeships’) in the everyday lived experience of agents across the informal food economy.